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Mediation And Arbitration


Carla Cotropia began mediating in 1999 when she received a mediation appointment from a federal judge. Since then she has mediated hundreds of cases. Carla mediates all types of cases with a specialization in employment law, non-competes, governmental, wage and hour collective actions, school law and commercial disputes. She has a unique ability to deal with emotional issues, using compassion and humor to bring the parties to resolution. Carla writes a monthly newsletter that can be found at her mediation website at www.cotropiaworkshops.com.

Maureen McCutchen began her mediation practice by mediating disputed probate and property law disputes. She mediated many probate and estate disputes and received appointments to mediate from the Galveston County Probate Court. Since that time, Maureen has mediated many different types of cases and has received training as a family law mediator. Maureen’s board certification in estate planning and probate law is helpful when she mediates complex estate disputes. Her MBA degree also provides added assistance in mediating divorce property and business disputes.


Carla Cotropia is an arbitrator on the American Arbitration Association’s (AAA) employment law employment panel. AAA is the nation’s leading provider of alternative dispute resolution services. The qualification criteria for an AAA employment arbitrator are stringent, requiring an extensive expertise in employment law. Carla is board certified in employment law and has practiced employment law for the last 43 years.

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