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Professional Malpractice

A background in the engineering sciences, construction process and the interrelationship of design professionals with the contractor and owner is a prerequisite to effective representation of architects and engineers accused of malpractice. From high-rise office buildings to residential projects, Mills Shirley attorneys have represented design professionals blamed when disagreements arise in the execution of the project or after substantial completion.

Who We Serve

From defending engineers involved in the design of the Astrodome to defining the precedent for the inspection duties of a designer in Black v. Vernooy in 2011, Mills Shirley has always maintained an active group of attorneys at the forefront of the legal community handling professional malpractice.

Architects, engineers, attorneys, surveyors, accountants, real estate brokers and agents — anyone providing professional services to the public — can become the target of a malpractice action. No matter your profession, your standing and reputation are your most valuable assets and worthy of an aggressive defense by skilled and experienced trial lawyers.

Uniquely Qualified

Mills Shirley attorneys are uniquely qualified to assist you. Contact us to help you with a professional malpractice claim.