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Construction Mediation

Most judges require the parties to participate in a settlement mediation before they will allow a case to be set for trial. Mediation has developed over the last two decades into a very effective way to resolve and dispose of cases that are in litigation. The observations of a neutral third party about a case can provide a point of view for the parties to a lawsuit that can help them find a resolution to the case.

Complex And Specialized

Construction litigation is as complex and as specialized as the typical construction project. Having a mediator with experience in construction litigation allows the parties to move quickly into complex discussions of the various positions taken in regard to a dispute, and lets them avoid the time and expense of educating the mediator about the basics of the industry. A mediator who can quickly develop an understanding of the nature of the problem and a grasp of the roles of the various participants to a lawsuit can help the parties by focusing on the resolution of the issues in dispute.

Talk To Someone With Significant Litigation Experience

San Antonio partner Scott Lyford has been litigating complex construction cases for 20 years. He has participated in many construction mediation sessions, often in cases involving 10 or more parties. He trained at the A.A. White Dispute Resolution Center at the University of Houston. You can contact Scott for help in mediating your construction litigation dispute.