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Review Of Employee Handbooks And Policies

Why is it imperative to have employee handbook and policies reviewed prior to implementation and thereafter on a routine basis? Employment laws are consistently changing — new legislation and new court interpretations are a given.

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Learn The Correct Answer

With this ever-changing employment law environment, employers often find they are unaware of basic legal requirements such as:

  • When must an employee who has resigned or was terminated be paid?
  • How many hours make up a work week? How many rest or meal breaks are required per shift?
  • Must employees be given time off to vote?
  • How many hours does an employee have to work to be considered full time?
  • Are employees entitled to paid vacation?
  • Must an employer have good cause to terminate an employee?

These are only a few questions that employers face. Not knowing the correct answer can end up being costly.

Therefore, it is imperative that an employer has an employee handbook and other workplace policies in place that address these issues. Policies against discrimination, harassment and favoritism are other issues that may also need to be addressed. These will ensure that the company and its employees understand what is expected and what procedure should be followed based on the situation.

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