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Insurance Defense

Mills Shirley provides legal services defending clients on behalf of their insurance companies. Attorneys retained by insurers to represent their insureds owe their first allegiance to the insureds, whose interests they are hired to represent.

Handling the defense of a lawsuit so that the interests of both the client and the company are protected requires experience, skill and the understanding that comes from years of working with major insurance firms and the people who purchase their insurance policies. The firm’s attorneys understand the issues involved and the hard work that is required to reach a result that is understandable and acceptable for everyone involved.

Effective Communication And Case Management

Good communication among the client, the company and the defending attorney are critical to an outcome that accomplishes that goal. Our firm uses the most current technologies to report to everyone involved, and can interface appropriately with the electronic reporting and billing systems that more and more insurance companies are deploying. We understand the need for budget and work planning, and provide insurers with the information they need to set correct reserves and understand the probable outcome of a case at the earliest possible opportunity. We frequently use the Uniform Task-Based Management Billing System and are well-acquainted with its application in litigation task management. Our experience assures clients of quality representation and insurance companies of cost-effective case management and risk assessment.

We are panel counsel for a number of large insurance companies and are often assigned cases by insurance companies at the request of our clients. Many insurance companies will allow the client a role in selecting representation when a claim is made, particularly if the attorneys selected are insurance defense attorneys.

Select Your Attorney

Contact us if a claim has been made against you and you want a voice in selecting your attorney.