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Admiralty & Maritime Law

When an issue arises that touches on admiralty and maritime law, partner with a full service litigation firm that has played an integral role in Texas Gulf Coast history. The firm’s top-ranked reputation for protecting clients’ rights and interests dates to 1846. As the oldest law firm in Texas, we help vessel owners and operators, as well as offshore companies, manage risk and solve serious problems to maximize their success.

At Mills Shirley, the admiralty attorneys are committed to building lasting relationships with clients, providing cost-effective and efficient representation, and serving the communities in which they work and live.

Mills Shirley‘s maritime practice group offers a variety of maritime-related legal services to defend vessel owners and operators, as well as offshore companies, from claims arising from:

  • Collisions
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury
  • Maritime pollution
  • Environmental issues
  • Cargo matters
  • Contract disputes

Our admiralty attorneys have extensive experience conducting shipboard investigations and in the arrest and seizure of vessels in the federal courts, both from the standpoint of arresting vessels and obtaining the release of arrested vessels.

From Emergency Response to Long-Range Planning

Mills Shirley provides emergency response legal services to its clients to ensure that its attorneys are always available to meet the needs of the firm’s clients. Whether it is to assist with routine matters such as appointing a cargo surveyor to responding to a major ship collision or pollution event, 409-761-1498 to learn how we can assist.