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Keller school district sues builders for defective foundation

Here at Mills Shirley LLP, we represent all types of parties involved in Texas construction projects — public, residential or commercial — in the resolution of disputes over contracts, defects, warranties, insurance and more. Our lawyers advise property owners as well as contractors, architects, sureties, engineers and others in a wide variety of construction-related conflicts

Our attorneys draft or review complex construction contracts in an effort to create tight, comprehensive agreements not likely to result in conflict. When conflict does arise, we help parties come to agreement outside of court through negotiation or mediation whenever possible, which can be a cost and time savings. However, we will represent clients in construction lawsuits when necessary to protect their interests. 

Texas employers: create strong anti-discrimination practices

Every Texas employer should consult with legal counsel early and often about how to create a workplace in which employees and job applicants feel protected from illegal discrimination and harassment.

In addition, with direction and advice from an employment law attorney, the employer should create and enforce strong anti-discrimination policies and procedures that carefully and clearly communicate to employees what they should do if they experience it or become aware of it.

Consider a special needs trust to protect your disabled child

As part of our estate planning practice, we advise the parents of minor and adult children with disabilities in Texas about how to provide for their kids financially after the parents pass away. One of the most important vehicles to consider to meet this need is the special needs trust.

Preserve government benefits

A basic principle for many families that have kids with disabilities is that in most cases it is important not to leave or gift money or assets directly to the disabled children. Most people with disabilities, unless they are part of wealthy families that choose to support them, will need public benefits to help pay for medical and long-term care.

Why do some mergers and acquisitions fail?

When two business entities combine into one, there are bound to be "pain points." Whether the companies have been friends, rivals or complete unknowns, the process is full of risks that can end up derailing a perfectly good plan. In other words, just because it looks good on paper doesn't mean it'll work out.

That doesn't mean you should avoid all the careful planning ahead of time. In fact, doing so can help you dodge crucial mistakes as the plan takes effect. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, it doesn't take more than one of these integration mistakes to delay the successful merger and damage the new company:

A business formation FAQ

Deciding to start a new business is a very exciting. Before getting ahead of yourself, consider issues about structure and creation. Your early decisions will have a long-term impact.

If you're not sure of the basics, you need to get practical advice for your business to ensure you don't end up with the wrong business set-up. Compliance with rules and regulations is also important, so you will want to learn as much as possible before you get started. That will reduce the risk of problems and unanticipated liability down the road.

Does your Texas family business have a succession plan?

A family business can become a large part of a family's identity, intertwining professional and personal life in many ways, as well as positioning the family through its business in the local community's life. Being such a focal point, a family business should have in place a solid succession plan that will kick in when the first generation owner or owners decide to retire or move on, or in case of their disability or death.

That succession plan would determine how business management would function during and after the transition, as well as what ownership changes would look like. Ideally, succession planning begins as early as when the business is created.

Texas will contests: wills made under undue influence are void

Nothing can tear a family apart quite like a dispute over a will when it leaves property to unexpected recipients or in surprising proportions, or disinherits a close family member. Startling property dispositions like these are called unnatural dispositions, which raise concerns over whether suspicious circumstances existed surrounding the will's execution that could even make it invalid.

Texas will contests

One basis on which a will can be invalidated is when another person is found to have unduly influenced the will's maker (also called the testator) to create will provisions that the deceased person was unlikely to have made under normal circumstances. When there is evidence of undue influence, interested persons can challenge the validity of the resulting will in Texas state court in a proceeding called a will contest.

Established in the 1840s when Galveston was the largest city in the state, Mills Shirley LLP has always been an integral part of Texas history and the Gulf Coast community.
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