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Contracts And Risk Avoidance

Attention to detail at the beginning of a construction project includes careful attention to the construction agreements made to get the project underway. Your contract provides guidance for your relationships with the other parties to a project just as the plans and specifications you create guide the construction of a building. Bad contract provisions can cost you money by forcing you to provide more services than you should, by reducing your fees in unforeseen ways and by putting you in an untenable position if litigation arises.

The construction attorneys at Mills Shirley have seen the bad results that can come from poorly thought-out and executed contracts. Having an attorney look at the contracts you sign may seem like an extra expense that cuts into your profits, but avoiding that relatively small cost can often be a case of “penny-wise and pound foolish.” Having a full understanding and appreciation all of the provisions of the contracts you sign are critical parts of any risk-avoidance plan. Those little details may seem unimportant — until you run into a problem on a project.

Get Advice. Protect Yourself.

Contact us for help with learning what your contracts say and how you can negotiate better contract provisions. In time, you’ll develop your own expertise, reduce your costs and provide more protection for yourself.