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Experienced Representation For Guardians And Potential Wards

The lawyers at Mills Shirley represent guardians and potential wards throughout the appointment and administration of guardianships. We protect the legal rights and interests of clients dealing with a variety of difficult matters related to estates.

In Texas, a court may appoint a guardian under the following circumstances:

  • When an adult can no longer manage his or her finances or take care of his or her daily needs
  • When a minor (a person under the age of 18) needs assistance with finances, daily needs and/or other needs
  • When a mentally ill or intellectually disabled person requires assistance

In some cases, a guardian is appointed when someone is taking financial advantage of or stealing from a family member or an elderly person.

When Litigation Is Necessary

Due to the personal nature of guardianships, the process of appointment is often contentious; often, it leads to litigation. Equipped with extensive experience, our lawyers have been successful in lawsuits to appoint guardians and to stop the appointment of potential guardians.

One of our attorneys initiated a guardianship action that resulted in two people going to jail for stealing over $1.5 million from an elderly family member. Our lawyers often serve as temporary guardians, guardians and ad litems.

Questions About The Challenges Of Guardianship: Talk To Us

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