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Skilled Legal Representation For Employers

Relationships between employers and employees are constantly changing. Both Texas and federal law control how employers must treat employees. The statutes provide protections for both employers and employees.

At Mills Shirley, our attorneys have extensive experience representing employers in everything from minor human resources issues to complex Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Department of Labor investigations and litigation. Each step of an investigation before the EEOC is critical. Properly working through the procedures in an investigation requires knowledge of the steps involved, from providing the Employer Position Statement to understanding the scope of the information that must be provided.

Proactive And Prepared

Our attorneys can also help employers proactively implement the best practices for claim avoidance, including:

  • Drafting and implementing an effective antidiscrimination policy
  • Enforcing an antidiscrimination policy
  • Educating staff about their responsibilities and legal duties

The Department of Labor is actively investigating companies for failing to properly categorize employees. Our attorneys can assist with the interpretation of wage and hour laws, which can result in fines and penalties being reduced or waived, and damages recalculated.

We can advise on typical employer pitfalls such as properly defining the work week and calculating hours worked. If faced with litigation, our attorneys provide wage and hour litigation defense services and can help you to a successful resolution of the claims.

Defending Businesses Against Unemployment Claims

Unemployment claims can drive up costs for a small business. Our attorneys defend employers against these claims and protecting their rights in the Texas Workforce Commission’s administrative process while counseling on how to avoid such claims in the future.

Our training programs also help business clients understand the issues surrounding the hiring and firing of employees.

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