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The Difference Between Success And Failure

In many cases, business success doesn’t hinge on creativity, intelligence or energy, but it can pivot on a piece of paper. Good contracts can mean the difference between success and failure.

Contracts should be drafted properly the first time. When that hasn’t happened, correct them while you have the chance.

Analyzing Existing Contracts | Drafting New Contracts That Will Meet Your Needs

The attorneys of Mills Shirley LLP can help you protect your business interests by working with you to explore your business strengths and vulnerabilities, analyze and refine your existing contracts and develop thorough solutions to help you achieve your goals. We can update weak documents you’ve had for years and/or draft new, customized contracts that will prevent problems from happening in the future.

Mills Shirley has been helping Texas businesses for generations. As the oldest law firm in the state, we have the benefit of experience on our side. Our attorneys can explain your rights and protect your interests as you move forward.

Don’t Be A Statistic | Get The Advice You Need

We all know the horror stories about startup founders, musicians and athletes who were taken advantage of because they didn’t have the right contract protections in place. Don’t be a statistic; be smart about your contracts. The other side won’t protect you; working with Mills Shirley will.

Bad contracts can expose you and your company to serious trouble. When disputes arise, our lawyers are adept at litigating contract disputes and helping our clients assert their rights.

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It’s worthwhile to have a conversation with an experienced business contract attorney. Contact our Galveston and Houston offices to get your questions answered.