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Dealing with a loved one’s death is difficult. In Texas, probate is a fairly simple process if the decedent had a well-drafted will. Our lawyers routinely assist in the appointment of an executor or in the administration of the estate, and assist in the gathering of estate assets, payment of estate debts and filing of court-required inventories.

Unfortunately, dying without a will may require a more time-consuming and more costly administration; sometimes it will lead to a significant conflict among family members. A will contest can involve:

  • The problem of an intestate estate (where there is no will)
  • Issues of testamentary capacity
  • Accusations of undue influence upon the decedent when the will was prepared
  • The appointment of a certain family member as executor
  • Questions and conflicts about who will inherit assets
  • A decedent who was married more than once or whose children have different parents


Mills Shirley LLP is a Galveston and Houston-based firm with significant experience in the area of probate, estate administration and will contests and other forms of estate litigation. As your attorneys, we will do everything we can to ensure the administration of your loved one’s estate is as easy as possible.

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