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Design And Construction Defect Litigation And Arbitration

Construction drives a large part of our economy in Texas. Any undertaking as complex as a large office building or school is going to include a certain amount of human error. When something goes wrong on a project, our construction attorneys are experienced in helping all the parties find solutions that are cost-effective and comprehensive without resort to litigation when that can be accomplished. Everyone is better off if resources can be devoted to fixing the defect and finishing the project instead of being diverted into litigation costs.

Sometimes litigation can’t be avoided. Sometimes you only learn of an alleged design or construction defect when your firm is served with suit papers. Our construction attorneys are experienced in responding quickly and effectively to construction litigation. We are panel counsel for many of the insurance firms that provide coverage for design professionals and contractors in Texas, and we are accustomed to working with insurance companies.

A Strong Response

A strong and proactive response to litigation or threatened litigation by a knowledgeable construction attorney can save your firm time and money. Contact us if you’ve been sued or need assistance with threatened litigation.