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Include these important details in your employee handbook

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2019 | Uncategorized

With the help of an employee handbook, it’s easier to share with your workforce important information that provides guidance from their first day on the job.

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating an employee handbook for the first time or reviewing one that you already have in place, there are some essential topics to include. Here are several to touch on:

  • Pay: This includes everything from how and when you pay your employees to the way you determine pay and raises.
  • Hours: For example, clearly define your company’s hours of operation. Also, if working hours are different for full- and part-time employees, make note of it here.
  • Overtime: If your company permits overtime, clearly define any terms and conditions associated with it. For example, you may require employees to receive approval to work additional hours.
  • Benefits: Share information on the benefits you offer, who qualifies for them and how to receive them.
  • Vacation and sick time policy: This is something that every employee wants to learn more about, so clearly define it in this section. Gray area in regard to vacation and sick time has the potential to complicate things in the future.
  • Harassment: Make it clear that your company does not stand for any form of harassment in the workplace. Provide employees with a clear reporting policy, so they know what to do if they’re a victim of some form of harassment.
  • Discipline: You hope it never comes into play, but you know there will be times when an employee needs to be disciplined. Outlining when and how this works, along with common examples, will give your employees a better understanding of the consequences of their behavior.

Even if your company has an employee handbook that has served it well in the past, don’t hesitate to review it with the idea of making changes. You may find that a few adjustments can make life easier on the company and every employee.

Neglecting to create and distribute an employee handbook is a big mistake. Just the same, failing to include all the necessary details can lead to trouble down the road.

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