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Month: January 2021

What is water intrusion?

Of all the various lawsuits you can face as a contractor, subcontractor, architect or engineer, possibly one of the most complicated is a lawsuit based on alleged water intrusion. As explained by Harper Brawner, LLC, water intrusion consists of water or vapor moving...

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How do contractors scam developers?

When you begin a new construction build, you have to make an agreement with the contractors. While many contractors are honest and only want to make a living in the construction industry, some contractors may attempt to scam you. Washington Post has some advice on how...

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What is a mechanic’s lien?

As a contractor in Texas, you know how complex large commercial and/or residential construction projects can become. Oftentimes the completion of these projects requires you to subcontract out to different service providers. While this may take some of the burden off...

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