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Facing a lawsuit as a contractor in Texas

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Construction Contracts

As a contractor, you aim to deliver quality work to your clients. However, issues may sometimes arise post-construction, such as water intrusion. If a homeowner sues you over such a problem, it can be a stressful experience.

If you find yourself facing a lawsuit in Texas for water intrusion after working on someone’s home, taking these steps can help protect your interests and resolve the dispute in a fair manner.

Understand the claim

Carefully read the lawsuit to comprehend what the homeowner alleges as the cause of the water intrusion. The claim should specify the work they believe caused the problem and the damage it caused.

Collect documentation

Gather all relevant documents relating to the project. This includes contracts, correspondence, invoices, photos and inspection reports. These documents could serve as evidence of the work you carried out and your adherence to the agreed terms and building standards.

Notify your insurance company

After receiving the lawsuit, promptly inform your liability insurance provider. They need to know about the claim to determine whether your policy covers the alleged damage. If it does, your insurance company may handle the claim on your behalf.

Consult a construction expert

It may help to have a construction expert inspect the alleged water intrusion. Their professional opinion can help identify the cause of the problem and whether your work is at fault.

Consider dispute resolution options

In Texas, construction contracts often include a clause requiring parties to attempt to resolve disputes through mediation or arbitration before going to court. These methods of dispute resolution can be less costly and time-consuming than a lawsuit.

Prepare a response

Your response to the lawsuit should address the homeowner’s allegations and present your case, backed by the evidence you have collected.

Facing a lawsuit for water intrusion in Texas can be daunting. However, by using these tips, you can effectively handle this situation. Remember, the aim is to resolve the issue in a manner that is fair for all parties involved.