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Two main causes of water intrusion

While water is necessary for life, it can also be an agent of destruction. Preventing water intrusion into the home is an important aspect of construction. A homeowner who experiences water intrusion may sue for negligence.

According to Inspection Certification Associates, water intrusion has two main causes.


The more obvious cause of water intrusion is leaking. Basement cracks, plumbing pipes, ice dams and roof damage are all potential causes of leaks, with the roof being the most common path of infiltration. Shoddy workmanship on a roof can void the homeowners’ warranty on materials, which should otherwise last up to 20 years. A homeowner with a voided warranty who is now on the hook for the cost of repairs for a leaky roof may sue the construction company for resultant damages.

Regardless of where the leaks occur, they can promote the growth of mold and mildew. These fungal growths can cause irritation of the upper respiratory tract, especially in people who have allergies or underlying health issues, such as asthma.


Condensation is not a leak per se. It occurs when water vapor in the air turns back into a liquid as it cools, typically collecting on the surfaces of objects. Condensation is a bigger problem in new homes than in older ones. Because new construction is as airtight as possible in the interest of efficiency, there are fewer routes by which moisture can escape. Homeowners may notice condensation collecting on the inside of the windows, where it can seep into wood frames and plaster. Condensation is also a problem in the bathroom, where humidity can build up. This is more likely if there is no ventilation or if it is inadequate.

A need for fewer repairs is part of the appeal of buying a new construction home. It can be frustrating for new owners to find out that there is a greater need for repairs than they anticipated.