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What is the statute of limitations on shoddy work claims?

As a contractor, you want your construction work to stand the test of time. That means good quality materials, sturdy construction and ironclad contracts that keep you protected for the years to come.

That last part is especially important if you find yourself facing allegations of shoddy construction from homeowners or if you need to charge a subcontractor for the same problem.

Texas statute of limitations

As Texas law details, someone may file a breach of contract claim as far out as four years from the contract execution. This timeline gets hazy depending on who discovers it, as that four-year timeline may start when a homeowner uncovers an issue.

Another claim available is builder negligence. The Texas statute of limitations for a negligence lawsuit is only two years.

Claiming shoddy work

If a subcontractor you hired is responsible for shoddy work, it is important to have the details in your contract clear and concise. By providing a comprehensive breakdown of the materials specified and the construction details, you may have the tools to prove their work is out of line with the contract.

Defense against shoddy work claims

If a homeowner or construction partner makes these claims, your contract is once again the best tool. Keeping organized documentation of everything you do on-site helps to keep these tools ready even years after you finish the job.

Your construction contracts require keen attention to detail at the beginning of a project and beyond its completion. Bad contract provisions lead to lost profits and liability. When considering your contracts and Texas’s window for negligence and breach claims, it is important to lean on any risk-avoidance resources available.