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Reminders that may help you reduce maritime accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2023 | Admiralty & Maritime Defense

Maritime accidents can be much more costly and tragic than workplace misfortunes in other industries. For this reason, owners and supervisors must keep a watchful eye on safety and ensure the team works together to create a secure environment.

The following suggestions provide crews on maritime vessels with timely reminders about safety.

Be wary of excess fatigue

Fatigue remains a top reason for injuries in multiple industries, including marine transport. Sleep loss can be difficult to measure, but the effects can degrade one’s performance as much as substance abuse.

Workers should modestly recognize when they are not fit for duty and arrange for someone to cover those shifts. Mariners must have sufficient rest to handle their responsibilities safely.

Pay attention to the use of medication by workers

Certain medications could disqualify a mariner from operating a vessel or equipment. Marine workers should safely use any drugs and consult a medical professional before taking any controlled substance, whether a prescribed or over-the-counter medicine.

Maintain safety equipment

The ship’s maintenance schedule includes more than the condition of the major components of the vessel. If personal protective equipment, first aid supplies and other necessary gear are not in good repair, these items could fail the crew when it needs them most.

Stay current with training

All workers require adequate training to execute their responsibilities, even the most experienced crewmembers. New protocols may require long-time mariners to handle situations differently than in the past. Everyone must be aware of how to address emergencies and report concerns to minimize the harm from an incident.

No one can prevent accidents from ever occurring. However, efforts to enforce safety can reduce risks and painful consequences.