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How can property owners identify construction defects?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Construction Contracts

The construction of a new building is both an exciting and challenging experience for a property owner. Construction defects can derail a project and result in unexpected hardship and expenses.

Fortunately, property owners can take steps to identify defects early and address them with contractors.

Detecting common defects

It is crucial for property owners to be familiar with the common types of construction defects. There are structural issues that can impact the support systems and foundation of a building. Water intrusion can cause leaks and mold growth. Incorrect installation of HVAC equipment and inadequate insulation can lead to poor temperature control. Property owners should also look out for leaky plumbing and faulty wiring in a new building.

Conducting regular inspections of a building during its construction can help a property owner catch defects early. It is important to observe issues like stains, cracks and uneven flooring when they arise. Documenting potential defects through written accounts and photographs can be useful if a dispute occurs later. Many property owners also use professional inspectors to help catch problems.

Addressing construction issues

It is a good idea for property owners to report possible defects to builders and developers promptly. In many cases, it is possible to fix the issue and move forward with construction. Regular inspections and active communication with builders can help prevent minor defects from escalating into larger conflicts. However, in some cases, disagreements turn into legal disputes. There are many ways to resolve a construction defect dispute, from negotiation and mediation to litigation in court.

Property owners can benefit from proactively engaging with the building process, noting potential defects and communicating their concerns with contractors.