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Could mediation help resolve your construction dispute?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Construction Contracts

While they can have many potential causes, most construction disputes boil down to a disagreement between two parties. These disagreements can reach a resolution in court through a lawsuit, but this can cost everyone involved valuable time and money.

When dealing with a construction dispute, mediation often provides advantages over a traditional court case.

What is mediation?

Mediation allows for the resolution of many types of civil cases in a cheaper and less stressful manner than appearing in court. Mediators focus on helping you and the other parties involved negotiate and reach an agreement that can later become legally enforced.

When working with a mediator, keep in mind that they serve as a neutral party. Mediators avoid adding their own opinions to the conversation. The mediation process should remain confidential and can occur in a private area as opposed to a courtroom.

How is mediation helpful?

Construction disputes can take valuable time and resources away from the project at hand. Mediation may allow for the resolution of disputes in less time than alternative options such as arbitration or litigation. A skilled mediator helps resolve your situation in a way that both parties can live with over the course of a few days. If mediation fails, a more formal lawsuit often becomes the next step in the process.

Mediation may not work in every construction dispute. However, when both parties mutually reach an agreement, more positive outcomes for both sides are possible. Consider your situation carefully when deciding on taking the route of mediation or arbitration.