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What are the big concerns about installing hotel pools?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Construction Contracts

Hotels and hotel owners always want to keep a steady stream of guests coming in. Despite the increased flow of traffic, guests will still often avoid amenities and accommodations that are not up to snuff.

In-ground swimming pools not only improve the appearance of a hotel but also attract guests. However, many things may go wrong in the process of installing one.

Groundwater levels

Forbes offers insight into America’s travel trends. More people than ever have the intention of hitting their travel plans up, but a good chunk of people prioritize having a great experience even if it means spending more money.

To that end, a swimming pool can help a lot. But it is important to know the issues that might occur during the installation process, such as groundwater issues. The pool should not receive runoff during rainy times. The possibility of encroaching groundwater also needs to come into consideration when choosing placement.

Water cleanliness and filtration

Next, have good filtration systems installed. These systems require knowledge of plumbing from a skilled contractor. If they do not do their job, a hotel could end up with an unclean, scummy or cloudy-looking pool that will repel guests rather than attract them. On top of that, it can cost thousands of dollars to clear up plumbing mistakes.

Pool surfaces

Finally, problems exist with the surface of the pools. The edging, shell and tiling all include hard surfaces. They must meet strict standards so they do not shift or crack. Again, this is up to a skilled contractor. Without one, the problems that exist with pool construction may outweigh the benefits.