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Can problems with tile qualify as construction defects?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Uncategorized

If you are a contractor, you probably think of construction in at least two phases. The first one is the structural part of the building, which you undoubtedly must get right. The second, of course, includes the finishes you install, such as trim boards, carpeting and tile.

While it is probably more common for construction defect cases to stem from structural problems, finishes also can form the basis of a complaint. When it comes to tile, property owners tend to have both structural and finishing objections.

Structural complaints

As you probably know, a great deal goes into preparing an area to accept tile. Not only must you install backer board, membranes, coupling and other bases, but you also must choose the correct mastic or adhesive.

If you make structural missteps, the tile may buckle, crack or detach completely. Even worse, water may work its way into places it is not supposed to be. This can lead to a host of costly problems, unfortunately.

Finishing complaints

You may have different crews for tile preparation and installation. If your tile preparers do a tip-top job, you may be mostly out of the woods regarding structural complaints. Still, your installers must use the correct products for the installation.

Furthermore, according to the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation, it is usually critical both for tiles to be flush and for grout lines to be even. If the installed tile looks sloppy, the property owner may have some valid finishing complaints. Addressing these complaints may require either a simple fix or a complete reinstallation.

Ultimately, because tile-related problems can be construction defects, it is advisable to manage them as early in the project as possible.