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What can go wrong when installing a hotel pool?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2022 | Construction Contracts

If you own a hotel, you are always looking for ways to attract guests. Fortunately, according to reporting from CNBC, more than 80% of Americans say they are itching to travel in 2022. Still, if your property is not appealing, guests are likely to look for different accommodations.

Not only does adding an in-ground swimming pool attract guests, but it also may improve the overall appearance of your hotel. Regrettably, though, there is much to go wrong when constructing a new pool.

Groundwater issues

Before beginning construction, you should undergo extensive planning. After all, the placement of your pool may make it vulnerable to damage from rising groundwater. You also must take steps to prevent runoff from entering your swimming pool during downpours.

Drainage and filtration systems

Cloudy water does not impress anyone. For your new swimming pool to be inviting, you need comprehensive drainage and filtration systems. These systems require running pipes and installing other plumbing fixtures. If your contractor does not do these jobs correctly, you may incur thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Surface problems

Your swimming pool is likely to have a variety of hard surfaces, including the pool’s shell, surrounding concrete or tile and edging. These surfaces must meet strict standards to ensure they do not crack or shift. Cracks to the pool’s shell are particularly problematic, as they may allow water to escape and flood other areas of the property.

You should be able to count on your pool installer to deliver high-quality results. Ultimately, if something goes wrong, you may have grounds to seek substantial financial compensation from the contractor.