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Improving the safety of your maritime workers

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Admiralty & Maritime Defense

Working in or near the water in Texas means your employees face unique risks when they come to work each day. You can help protect them when you prioritize safety training, improve working conditions and enforce compliance. 

Your focus on improving worker safety can protect your company from lawsuits or Jones Act claims. Committing to employee safety can also help you to create a respectable environment, improve trust and encourage worker loyalty. 

Training and competence

Employee training should focus on a few key areas including the following: 

  • How to perform job responsibilities safely 
  • How to report hazards and discrepancies 
  • The function of safety protocols and procedures 

Your employees should have hands-on experience to learn how to properly perform their job responsibilities according to industry standards. All of your workers should understand how to respond in emergency situations and how to prevent and mitigate job hazards. Working on a vessel requires a unique set of skills and a superior level of competence. When hiring new workers, look for candidates who have a proven track record of compliance. 

Vigilance and communication

It is not unlikely for your workers to get complacent at times, especially if they have a lot of experience on the job. According to safety4sea.com, the danger of complacency is that critical safety practices could end up brushed aside inadvertently. Encourage your workers to always stay alert and aware of their surroundings. 

Communication plays a key role in employee safety. Effective communication includes verbal commands and warnings, written notifications like logbooks and visual postings reminding workers of key safety practices. You can streamline your communication procedures to improve the understanding of all of your workers.