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Keller school district sues builders for defective foundation

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2017 | Uncategorized

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School district suit 

This past summer, Keller school district, north of Fort Worth, sued in state court design and construction companies responsible for building a $23 million school, alleging problems with its foundation that are causing increasingly serious cracks and gaps in concrete as well as sticking doors. The district says it is a maintenance problem, not a safety issue, according to the Star-Telegram. 

Reportedly, the plaintiff amended its petition by adding the opinion of a forensic structural engineer that the design of the school’s foundation allowed water to intrude under the concrete slab. 

The defendants, who deny the allegations, include an architectural firm, construction company and structural engineering firm involved with the project. Legal claims include those for negligence, breach of contract and breach of warranty. Damages sought are in excess of $1 million for repairs and legal fees. 

The article says that the school officials hope to settle the case with the construction firms amicably. Those of us in the construction law community will watch this case with interest.