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TWC Unemployment Benefit Claims And Tax Audits

When is a former employee entitled to unemployment benefits? What is considered misconduct under the law? Is an employee I hired improperly categorized as a contractor? Why is a contractor filing an unemployment benefits claim against my company? The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has ruled against my company: What are my options, and is there an appeals process?

These are the types of questions employers find themselves asking after an unemployment benefits claim has been filed by a former employee or an employee tax audit has been initiated by TWC. Understanding TWC's administrative process is imperative. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of TWC claims while protecting their clients from frivolous unemployment benefits claims and from TWC's misinterpretation of employee versus contractor. We can assist in properly drafting an initial response and providing your company with the understanding of what information should be submitted in both unemployment benefit claims and employee tax audits.

Just because TWC initially finds that unemployment benefits should be awarded or an employee was improperly categorized as a contractor and taxes are owed does not mean an employer is not entitled to the due process afforded to it by the Texas employment statute. With our attorney's in-depth knowledge of the administrative process, our clients get the benefit of knowing that they were not taken advantage of by a government agency and that they were allowed to exhaust all of their administrative remedies. The firm's assistance will ensure frivolous claims, fines and penalties are avoided.

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If you find yourself faced with TWC's administrative maze, do not be taken advantage of. Team up with Mills Shirley and allow our lawyers to turn that maze into a comprehensible and basic process that will allow your business to implement the protection it is entitled to pursuant to governing laws.